The W.K.A.Scotland Mon grade system was exclusively designed with Children in mind. The aim being that we can teach Children Karate at a pace where they can learn. We have no reason to compromise quality. None of our Instructors teach for financial gain. We are passionate about the tradition of Wado Ryu Karate. All our members including Children are registered with the Wado Academy and the national body, the Scottish Karate Board.

No reproduction of this grading system is allowed without the permission of the Chief Instructor
The Do-Jo Rules

In order to maintain a safe environment and a good training atmosphere, the following rules should be observed.

Do not be late for class.
Bow every time you enter or leave the Do-Jo.
Keep the Do-Jo clean and tidy.
No shoes allowed in the Do-Jo.
Wear a clean Karate Gi.
Keep your finger and toenails short.
Do not wear jewellery in the Do-Jo.
Never eat or drink in the Do-Jo.
Call your teacher Sensei.
Respect your fellow students
Practice at home but never at School.
Always ask Sensei’s permission to leave the Do-Jo.

Junior Grading System

10th Mon (white belt with yellow tag)
Understand and observe the Do-Jo rules.
2. Be able to
a) Wear the Karate-gi correctly
b) Tie the karate-obi correctly.
3 Demonstrate
a) Ritsu-Rei
b) Sei-Za
c) Za-Rei

9th Mon (White belt two yellow tags)
Perform from fighting stance
1 Maegeri (front kick)
2 Front Punch
3 Reverse Punch
Combination techniques
1 Front kick, front punch
2 Front kick, reverse punch

8th Mon (White belt orange tag)
From fighting stance (on the spot)
1 Front kick/roundhouse kick together using the same leg
2 Outer block-reverse punch
3 Inner block-reverse punch
Combination Techniques
1 Front kick, roundhouse kick
2 Inner block-front kick, front punch
Turning (mawatte) in either outer or inner block.

7th Mon (Red belt)
From fighting stance (on the spot)
1 Front kick & sokuto twice using the same leg
2 Roundhouse & sokuto twice using the same leg
3 Gedan barai & reverse punch
Combination techniques
1 Front kick, side kick, reverse punch/li>
2 Maegeri, mawashigeri, sokuto, reverse punch
3 Naiwan uke, reverse punch, maegeri, mawashigeri
Pair work (with a partner)
1 Naiwan uke,
2 Gaiwan uke
3 Gedan barai
4 Jodan uke
all to be followed with a punch.

6th Mon (Red belt green tag)
With recommendation to proceed to Kyu grade system
From Jigo-tai stance
1 Punch jodan and chudan
2 Outer block, punch to head, both sides
3 Lower block & punch
Note:- Body must twist (nagashi) whilst performing the above techniques
4 Junzuki, mawattee jodan uke
5 Gyakuzuki, mawattee gedan barai
Combination techniques
1 Mawashi geri jodan -uraken-gyakuzuki
2 Sokuto chudan-front punch-mawashi geri chudan
3 Maigeri-mawashigeri jodan-gyakuzuki
Pair work
1 Ippon me (No1 jodan uke)
2 Nihon me (No 2 gedan bari)
Kihon Kata

5th Mon (Red belt purple tag)
From Naihanchi dachi
1 Backfist –Jodan
2 Shuto-Jodan
3 Junzuki-Mawatte Jodan Uke
4 Junzuki Dachi-Jodan uke-Gedan Bari
Sonaba Geri (kicks on the spot)
1 Maegeri Keka Eshi (twice using the same leg)
2 Maegeri-Mawashigera (as 1)
3 Ushiro Geri – Maegeri (as 1&2)
Renraku Waza (combination techniques)
1 Maegeri-Jodan Zuki
2 Okuri ashi (step past) Jodan Zuki
3 Okuri ashi Gyakuzuki
Kihon and Pinan Nidan
Ippon Gumite
2 Sanbon me (no. 3)

4th Mon (Brown tag attached to kyu grade belt)
From jigo tai
1 Furiken uchi-Uraken uchi (swinging punch & backfist)
2 Shoto-Nido Uchi (knifehand strike twice)
3 Jodan-Chudan Uchi
4 Junzuki Mawatte jodan uke
5 Junzuki Dachi-Jodan Gaiwan Uke>
6 Junzuki Dachi-Jodan Naiwan Uke
7 Junzuki Dachi-Gedan Barai
8 Junzuki Dachi-Jodan Uke
9 Junsuki Notsukome
Combination Techniques
1 Okuri ashi Jodan Chudan nido zuki
2 Okuri ashi Gyakuzuki
3 Okuri ashi Maegeri
Ippon Gumite
1 Nihon me
2 Sanbon me
Pinan nedan
Pinan Shodan

3rd Mon (2nd Brown tag attached to Kyu grade belt)
From Jigo tai
1 Jodan uke-Chudan zuke
2 Gedan barai-Chudan zuke
3 Jodan gaiwan uke-Chudan zuki
4 Jodan naiwan uke-Chudan zuki
5 Kette Junzuki & Gyakuzuki
Sonaba geri-Kekaeshi
1 Maegeri chudan, sokuto kekome (yoko e)
2 Maegeri chudan-Ushirogeri chudan
Renruka waza
1 Ayumi ashi maegeri-gyakuzuki
2 Ayumi ashi maegeri-nagash junzuki jodan
Pinan Shodan
Pinan Sandan
Pair work
1 Sanbon me
2 Yohon me (no. 4)

2nd Mon (Black tag attached to Kyu grade belt)
Jigo tai Yoko E ido
1 Naiwan Jodan nagashi uke -Chudan tate ken zuki
2 Gaiwan Jodan nagashi uke- Chdan tate ken zuki
3 Shoto uke mahanme neko ashi dachi
4 Kette Junzuki
Kihon keri (Kekaeshi)
1 Maegeri- chudan jodan
2 Sokuto –ushiro geri
Renruka Waza
1 Surikomi Maegeri nagashi junzuki
2 Ayumi ashi nagashi junzuki
3 Ayumi ashi nagashi gyakuzuki
Ippon Gumite
1 Yohon me
2 Gohon me (No.5)
Pinan Sandan
Pinan Yondan
Free Sparring

1st Mon (2nd Black tag)
Jigo tai Yoko E Ido
1 Chudan nagashi uke-tateken jodan zuki
2 Gaiwan nagashi uke-tateken chudan zuki
3 Naiwan nagashi uke-tateken jodan zuki
4 Junzukuki notsukomi
5 Gyakuzuki notsukomi
6 Kette Junzuki and Gyakuzuki
Kihon keri (kekaeshi)
1 Maegeri-Sokuto
2 Maegeri-Mawashigeri
3 Mawashigeri-Sokuto
4 Sokuto Kebinashi-Sokuto kekomi
Renruka Waza
1 Tsugi ashi ju no nido zuki jodan-Ayumi ashi nagashi gyakuzuki
2 Soto okuri ashi mawashigeri sokuto
3 Okuri ashi jodan junzuki-maegeri jodan nagashi junzuki
Any two Katas announce by the examiner
Ippon Gumite
1 Gohon me
2 Roppon me (No.6)